Has the Mystery of Charly been solved ?




- A unique team dedicated to exceeding your wildest dreams -


Why yes! Looking For Charly’s mission is to design holidays tailored to you.

To amplify your emotions, bring new discoveries to your door and help you explore other cultures.


But who is hiding behind these experiences across the globe

that stimulate your senses and make your heart race?

Where can we be found?


Beyond borders


One day here, the week after elsewhere... our Travel Designers stay in close contact with you to answer questions, personalize the experience, make it stand out, and bring your ideas to life. An expert in your desired destination will be on hand when you want to talk. If, however, the best person to talk to is currently out exploring the world, you will communicate directly with him or her in the way that is most convenient to you.


Still in Monaco 

Héloïse and Simonetta are based on the Riviera in Monaco,

which is where the very first Looking For Charly missions were launched. It’s not so much one location.

Instead, these Charly’s Angels will come to you, be it a sunny terrace or a quiet corner of your office, basically wherever is convenient. They come equipped with bountiful advice and first-hand experience.

They will take the time to understand each of your travel desires in order to open the gates to your destination of choice. Whatever your idea of the perfect break is, you can be confident you will find it reflected here.


This flexible approach is more than just a way of working for the Charly Team, it is in their very DNA

Nomadic advisers turned seasoned Travel Designers. 


This hybrid concept enables us to work in perfect synergy with you. You - travelers - you do know that modern technology makes it possible for us to create trips and provide assistance to you wherever we are in the world....



From one island to another


Fanny, who is also one of Looking For Charly’s founder, can most often be found working from her headquarters in Bali, but from time to time she also pops up in Mauritius, Paris or Singapore…




From the banks of the Seine or the Saône


As for Jean-Christophe, he commonly dispenses his guidance from his base camps in Lyon and Paris... when he isn't exploring the paths of Nepal or the dunes of Africa with his tribe that is ! 

The Charly Team is never far, only a phone call or message away, even when they are scouring the globe to uncover new experiences, extra itineraries or yet more unexpected establishments to make their creations truly special.

For Ever Riviera

And because excellence attracts new talent, that start of 2020 sees Danielle Stewardson joining the team. This Travel Designer with the soul of a curious adventurer based on the Côte d’Azur is tireless in her hunt for new lands to explore. With her guidance, your unbeatable experience of discovery will include shared moments with local communities,

not forgetting that touch of luxury.




Breaking news 

Did you say Brussel ?


It’s official: after months of searching, Looking For Charly is expanding. We have opened our doors to Belgian travelers at the heart of Brussels on the prestigious Avenue Louise.

Make an appointment with us in Brussels:


Tél. : +32 487 52 36 32

e-mail : contact@lookingforcharly.com


Contact us



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