Glamping at the summit




A glamorous alternative to camping in the great outdoors, you can now glamp in luxury in the heart of Ladakh. Savour the experience of the nomadic lifestyle of the trans-Himalayan explorers of yesteryear in great comfort without any of the harshness of the Himalayas


In the far north of India, Ladakh is home to breath-taking landscapes adorned with unfathomable mysteries and prayer flags rippling in the wind. At the heart of the mountains two nomadic camps vie for your affection with their contrasting charms and differences offering travellers the ultimate experience over the unexplored paths of the roof of the world. In these places where the concepts of space and time fade away, you may just start to feel like an explorer, a Rajput prince or a rich English Lord seeking adventure and a true change of scene. Read on to see for yourself.

It’s Ladakh like you have never seen it before

Just imagine.

One morning, you gently emerge from the silky comfort of a large four poster bed when something irrevocably calls to you from beyond the walls of your sand-coloured tent. Is it the sound of faraway gong? Is it the muffled noise of a sacred mantra? Is it a mysterious wave? It's better than that. Head to your private teak terrace and you will understand. In front of you is the Thiksey Monastery perched on a rocky spur expressing gratitude to the ancestral culture of Ladakh and the Himalayan peaks that impassively challenge the cobalt blue sky. You will be immediately gripped by emotion at the spectacular view. And it's only the beginning of the trip... 


A luxury camp in the Indus Valley


Hidden in these lands along the ancient Silk Road that linked Kashmir and Kashgar is a separate world where the experience of travelling takes on another dimension. When experiencing the high Indus valley perched at 3500 m above sea level, travellers dazzled by the crystalline purity of the landscape will feel almost weightless. The days will be filled with exploring monasteries, hiking, Buddhist ceremonies, polo matches, meeting villagers and rafting on the Indus river, before the time comes to succumb to sleep.


Your cocoon in this high-up place is a refuge that is stylish and unique down to its core. Your luxury camp has subtle variations of antique furniture, refined woodwork, colonial touches and British charm to bring your journey in Ladakh inside with you.

Glamping in the Nubra Valley


Your journey through the Himalayas will take you ever higher, flirting with Khardung La, one of the highest passes in the world that is accessible to motor vehicles at 5359 m. Captivated by the mineral roughness of your surroundings, you will finally reach the Nubra valley tucked between the jagged peaks and the sky as if frozen in eternity. In this part of Ladakh verdant oases, white sandy dunes and a crystalline river move mountains. The days will alternate between discovering villages, immersing yourself in monasteries and Himalayan contemplation.


Then comes the time to explore new summits from your semi-permanent luxury camp. With Dandy-inspired decor, delicious food, highly professional service, a bathroom with copper highlights and magical Himalayan sunsets, everything here chimes with the perfection of these rare places where you can really forget everything to find yourself again. This is why man has never stopped dreaming. 

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The best time to go is between June and September


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