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Leave the grey skies behind



You could turn to light therapy lamps to beat the autumn and winter blues, or you could travel instead! Discover our six prescriptions to help you tackle the cold with a smile


The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are falling and the light is fading. When autumn shows its face, a holiday is the perfect treatment for the blues brought on by the cold weather. To help you leave the grey skies behind, Charly brings you the six best destinations to raise your spirits. Choose from a detox retreat in Portugal, a hunt for the Northern Lights in Iceland, sun seeking in Zanzibar or an adventure in the land of the Incas to vaccinate yourself against the cold.

PORTUGAL - A weekend ifor some alone time with the ocean


You don’t always need to travel to the other side of the world to touch the end of it. This detox weekend in Portugal concocted by Charly's team is the proof. You will wake up in a jewel of Portugal’s luxury hotel scene constructed facing the blue waves, ride the virgin ocean dunes, stride across the wild beaches and play in the invigorating ocean spray. The accommodation we have found to enchant you offers contemporary eco architecture, bohemian chic décor, a spa, organic meals from the kitchen garden and evenings to be spent cocooned in front of the fire. And the cherry on the pasteis? Sintra, Lisbon, Obidos and the vineyards of the Setúbal Peninsula are only a couple of miles away. It is a refuge for those in the know that the hedonistic aesthetes would like to keep secret.

PERU - A Peruvian adventure to pay an enthusiastic homage to Pachamama


Seek out the mysterious city of Machu Picchu, get to know the condors in the Colca Canyon, decrypt the enigmatic Nazca Lines (or try to), dream on the banks of Lake Titicaca, sail the Amazon in a dugout canoe and hike in the Cordillera Blanca. If that isn’t Peru for you, it certainly looks like it! The spring-like climate of the high plateaux and the low tourist numbers make autumn the season of choice for an adventure in the footsteps of the Incas. There is no point waiting until “el condor pasa” (the condor passes) to set sail for Peru this autumn. As the Peruvians would say, sigan adelante (go ahead)!

SULTANATE OF OMAN - A luxurious Omani camp for a Bedouin glamping experience


Would you like to sleep tucked between the majestic dunes of Wahiba Sands? On a white sandy beach? On the Jebel Shams mountain? Or in a Wadi sprinkled with emerald blue pools? You can choose the location for your temporary campsite and experience the nomadic lifestyle of the Bedouins of the Sultanate of Oman. Spend your days exploring the desert, going on camel rides, enjoying dinners by the crackling fire and gazing at the stars. Unlike traditional tourist encampments, your private nomadic refuge is put up just for you. Its cosy comfort, stripped down décor and spacious eco-friendly tents melt into the background in complete privacy before being taken away leaving no mark, except of course on your memory!

ICELAND - A geothermal lesson in full scale 


Ice sculptures, lava fields, geysers, waterfalls and cracked earth formed by the forces of nature - when you set foot in Iceland it’s hard to tell whether it is the beginning or the end of the world. One thing is certain however, Iceland is spellbinding (even for the most unadventurous!). You can roam the enigmatic landscape of the Golden Circle, splash around in thermal waters naturally heated to 40°C, take a ride in a dog sled and fly over black deserts and calderas with unpronounceable names. Then suddenly above your head a sweep of colours in shades of green dance among the polar night. Is it a band of elves or trolls? No, it’s the Northern Lights shining with the light of a thousand fires above the lunar landscapes. A sign that things can get heated in the north! 

ZANZIBAR/MNEMBA Island - An island (almost) to yourself for a break where you can switch off completely in the middle of the southern hemisphere’s summer


Imagine a private island on the unbelievably clear waters of the Indian Ocean. Coral reefs, turquoise lagoons and a tropical forest surround the private villa that is your home, the only accommodation on the island. This is Mnemba, a luxurious and exclusive enclave in the north east of Zanzibar, and it's the middle of the austral summer. You have all the time in the world to play at being the Swiss Family Robinson on the white sandy beaches, tease the local marine fauna, navigate the different shades of turquoise in a dhow (or a kayak) and revel in a life of leisure. By the end of your stay in Zanzibar, you will be sure of one thing: Paradise (on earth) exists and it can be found here on Mnemba Island. But that’s no excuse to miss out on saying hello to the Big 5 of Tanzania who are waiting close by.

COLOMBIA - For the pleasure of exploring the new Latino El Dorado


Colombia lends itself to a memorable escape in the middle of winter, giving you the chance to explore its pre-Colombian sanctuaries, touch the enchanting charm of the colonial cities, have an adventure in the zona cafetera and rhapsodise over its arty capitals. Follow the sun’s course to Cartagena and its Caribbean bay surrounded by islands and white sandy beaches. Its smiling people and hypnotic cambia, Colombian rhythm and dance, provide the backdrop and soundtrack to your trip to Colombia*. The place known as Locombia (or crazy Colombia) has all the ingredients to make you forget about the cold wintry weather of the Old Continent for good.

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