Champagne Express


One legendary train may hide another that is less well known but just as mythical.


Wonder, elation, nostalgia... Train journeys have never ceased to awaken a longing for adventure and childhood dreams. And that fascination is increased tenfold by these trains with legendary names that are enduring more than ever in a world where speed is king. The Belle Époque charm of the dining car, the delight of being rocked to sleep by the swaying of the train at night, the splendour of the spectacular countryside and the indescribable pleasure of time regained...

Is that true luxury?

To find out, the Charly team takes you to the four corners of the planet on board four legendary trains.

Everyone to the passenger saloon!


Experience Persia in grandeur.


Travelling across Iran is an experience in itself. Doing it on a legendary train punctuated with stops in places whose names alone are enough to stir your imagination makes it the trip of a lifetime. Curled up in the armchairs of a carriage with iconic charm, you will be lulled by the melody of the voyage, the cobalt blue skies of Persia and the legends of Yazd, Persepolis and Shiraz to be discovered from this new perspective.You are left wondering if you are travelling back in time or if the journey is instead timeless. Little does it matter, however, while adventure is on the cards.


(The best times to visit are from March to June and September to November).

Live aboard a legendary train in the land of the Big Five


There are trips that you hardly dare think about, as they are almost unimaginable. Crossing the savannah on board the Orient Express is one of those very experiences you think is impossible, until the moment you board the train of African adventure that is! On the menu are stylish carriages, South African wines you would sell your soul for and Victorian-style suites that would make Agatha Christie green with envy.All the ingredients are in place to travel the Karoo desert, see the pounding Victoria Falls and experience the wide-open spaces of South Africa with both style and originality.


(The best time to visit is from October to April).

Explore mysterious cities... on a golden train


It has blue and gold carriages like the Pullmans from the 20s, an interior decorated with wood panelling and brass, refined dinners and delirious cocktails. In short, everything you need to feel like Hiram Bingham, the explorer who discovered the mysterious lost city of Machu Picchu in 1911.Out of the window, the landscape of Peru’s tumultuous Urubamba valley slides past.  Next stop: the dream of a lifetime!


(The best time to visit is from March to October).

Traverse India like a Maharaja


To a country of legends, on a legendary train! We will round off this selection on board a travelling hotel that is the embodiment of luxury.With its anachronistic waiters, high-tech gadgets and the latest word in refinement, here you will feel like a member of the Rajput caste of princes. It is perfect for discovering Bombay, Delhi, the tigers of the Ranthambore Park and other ‘pur’ cities (Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaipur) without having to lug your cases on and off the train every day.


(The best time to visit is from October to May).

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