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"An incredible encounter in Medellin’s “Comuna 13” with an artist and rapper who is a kind of street educator"


Georges and Béatrice sent us an update from Colombia. We just had to share their words with you and their photos in particular - they speak for themselves!

This was one of those wonderful encounters that makes a trip such a success.



"It was fascinating to visit this area which until recently was very dangerous. The city council, helped by guys like my friend, worked with residents to transform the city profoundly by desegregating it, creating a kind of access road through the entire neighbourhood located on Medellin’s hillsides that is open to the bikes, motorbikes and children that use it. Here people sing and dance different styles - hip-hop, rap and dance. They express themselves through graffiti, opening up the roads to street art. An outdoor escalator with different sections connects the neighbourhood to the city. The person who showed us around is from the neighbourhood. He is passionate, a rapper and also a kind of mediator in the struggle to end the violence there.

The impressive Jojo!" 


Thank you Georges and Béatrice for filling us in!



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