The adventures of a world tour (IV)


Jean-Christophe & Family, the latest information!


That’s it, the clan has jetted off.

A few days before their departure, Jean-Christophe shared his last recommendations on the hot topic of vaccines and visas with us.

They are something you need to think about well before you go!!


A long-term trip shouldn’t be dictated by visa requirements, nevertheless...


Of the three big continents we are going to visit, only Asia required some forward planning for entering certain countries. Vigilance is a prerequisite when there are processes to complete before you go and when this applies to several of the countries you have chosen. It is often a good idea to use the services of a specialist agency who will manage and obtain your visas before you go (Action Visas, for example).

In our case, there was one constraint related to Indonesia, where you need a visa for visits lasting over 30 days. Everywhere else you can do the necessary when you get there, which makes for an easy trip!


A piece of advice regarding the United States and the famous ESTA: the latter is mandatory, but can be obtained online and is valid for two years. If you will need to return to the USA, get your ESTA the month before you arrive, so that your visa lasts for longer.


And where do vaccines come in?


You will need to make an appointment at a specialist vaccination centre for travellers.Once they have looked at your itinerary, in addition to the unavoidable vaccines, the doctor will be able to tell you which ones are advised but not obligatory, where you will need to take anti-malarial medication, health issues to be aware of and so on.

Yellow fever, dengue fever and rabies are just a few of the numerous and sometimes scary things to take into account. But don’t forget that the risks are often linked to travel conditions (and are a bit more limited if these are comfortable), and prevention is a good way to limit or even check the risk, in particular in the case of insect bites and stings (using insect repellent).


This site provides some good basic information:


Let’s finish off this article by looking at the last three destinations the clan will discover on their grand voyage.


8- Chile: 

A land of contrasts with 4,300 kilometres between the lunar plateaux of the Atacama Desert in the north and the Torres del Paine in the Andes mountain range in the south!


9- Colombia:

Meet friends in Cartagena for a new longer stopover. Enjoy, share and discover the country’s treasures, which include gold, its coffee and the palm trees of the Cocora valley. Why not try out one of its beautiful haciendas?


10- The USA:

One month on the west coast to explore the great parks, the mythical cities and live the American Dream!


It’s time to wish them bon voyage!


Come back soon to hear about their first few weeks of adventures.d'aventure.


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