The adventures of a world tour... (II)


Jean-Christophe & Family, go for the "love vs duty" destination options! (D-50)


11 months of adventure or 330 days of travelling. It seems like an eternity. If you travel regularly, annually planning your trips and what you will do while you are away over a short given period becomes an easy task. But when you need to plan an itinerary over a period as long as this, the choices you make become much more of a Cornelian dilemma.

EVERYONE is involved in the project, adults and kids alike!


For this project, what motivates us is primarily being able to take our time. The time to enjoy the trip and be together as a family, with the best that each has to offer. As for us adults, that is where our initial dream started: with four unique experiences lasting three months apiece. Four countries, one per continent, to experience immersing ourselves in four places, four chances to stop and breathe away from our very, or rather overly, busy lives, in which we often end up forgetting what is most important.

And then, because this trip isn't just for us but also for our children... When we told them about the project, the world tour of their imaginations couldn't be confined to just four ports of call. We played along and placed the map on the floor. We allowed ourselves to be guided by the view of the world that they have at their different ages and by what they wanted, and together we came up with a route embellished with around another ten countries.

Here is a summary of our clan's first choices, the anthology of our destinations:


1- India:

The first stop. It's a short one, but unmissable. An invitation we couldn't refuse. Bilal, a friend and partner of Looking For Charly, wanted to help us discover the region of Kashmir. A gentle immersion into the era of the Raj. We will be boarding his luxurious house boat on the waters of Dal Lake in Srinagar.


2- Nepal :

I love this country, and dream of taking my family as close to Everest as possible and wandering around together in the buzz of Kathmandu. Emile, the youngest, dreams of elephants. So we will set off on the backs of these pachyderms to watch rhinoceroses!


3- Singapore:

An urban stopover, and what a contrast! It is a high-tech city with impressive skyscrapers and dizzying views over a different world: one of urbanism, excess and, of course, business.


4- Indonesia :

Finally, time for a rest! It is here in Bali, at the heart of this little paradise, that we will settle for four weeks. We will rent a house and travel around to discover the Island of the Gods, then several other Indonesian islands. There will be trips between paddy fields and volcanos, coastal navigation and scuba diving in Sunda Islands. The boys are very excited about learning to surf and Amandine (their mum) can't wait to escape for a few very well-deserved sessions at the spa!



Discover the rest of our destinations in the next post as well as a few tips on multi-company round-the-world packages.

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