The TRB: More than a restaurant, an experience


Fanny's favourite


Beijing is a city full of surprises. An imperial city, it is also an ultra-modern capital. I love its mix of different styles. On the one hand you have temples, and on the other avant-garde architecture. Walking its streets teeming with 17 million inhabitants, I discovered a restaurant that is, quite simply, fabulous. It's called the TRB, the Temple Restaurant Beijing. And it really is a temple... to gastronomy. It’s a real hedonist's dream.  


On the premises of a former black and white television factory, it is now a space dedicated to cuisine and wine that offers the very best in terms of quality.


Featuring Bourgogne, Bordeaux, Vallée du Rhône and Champagne, all the major French wine regions are represented alongside the best vineyards of Europe and the New World. And all these wines are accompanied by the most refined dishes that are masterfully cooked by hand and inspired by French cuisine. It's a real gem located in a warm, intimate and urban setting.




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