The Bohemian’s Residence


A secret destination in Thailand


Destination Thailand, the Land of Smiles and a guaranteed change of scenery. On one hand, you have Bangkok, the hyperactive capital. On the other, you have the south with its islands and beaches. Then there’s the north, where nature is wilder and Buddhist temples take on mountains. Between these three faces, a little paradise has been unearthed. 



It’s the perfect kind of retreat: hidden, preserved and understated. The Bohemian's Residence.


Hidden in the heart of the countryside between Uthai Thani and Ayutthaya and two hours by road from Bangkok, this private dwelling is reached by boat. Camped on the banks of the Tachin River opposite a temple, it is imbued with a rare spirit. Neither hotel nor bed and breakfast, this residence is quite simply divine.



 Here you will feel at home, pampered and calm.


Nestled among the greenery, there are two types of accommodation available. The Private Lodge and the Heritage House are like two nests decorated with made-to-measure wood panelling, canopies and chandeliers designed with charming colonial touches. Luxurious and cosy, these two residences successfully marry modernity with stylish décor. The view from the outside seating areas and the surface of the swimming pools is calming and revitalising. This is as good as it gets!


In short, this is an ideal base for discovering the surrounding area as a family, a couple or with friends. What is there to do? You can watch the early morning processions of the monks in their orange robes and silk parasols, taste a Thai soup for pennies, pedal along the little roads skirting the edges of the paddy fields, lose yourself in the surrounding villages or adventure further afield and discover Ayutthaya with tours of its treasures and monasteries, or Sam Chuk with its river-side community and market which is a UNESCO world heritage site.


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