Our top seven family destinations this summer




You'll love the wide, open spaces, riding on horseback through the never-ending steppe and spending a night in a yurt after sharing a meal with nomads. And if horses aren't for you, why not take a camel ride through the dunes of the Gobi Desert? For those who love wide, open spaces and human encounters.


Our pick:

In July, the Naadam festival takes place in Ulan Bator and the surrounding regions. Three traditional sports are played here: archery, horseracing and Mongolian wrestling.



Aeolian Islands


Choose your boat, your crew and make like a sailor! On board an elegant caïque, the mineral and Mediterranean beauty of the Aeolian Islands is revealed. Volcanoes, little villages, secret beaches and snorkelling are all on the agenda for a languid cruise where you can take the time to enjoy your family's company over a good meal.


Our pick:

Having your own boat is like staying in a house that changes location every day. Not having to worry about transport and accommodation logistics is one of the highlights of these family holidays.





You don't necessarily think of Thailand, the Land of Smiles, when it comes to top long-haul destinations to visit with (small) children. We suggest the best of what Thailand has to offer far removed from the crowds and tourist clichés. You’ll enjoy places to stay that meet your requirements and the right balance between fun activities, exploring, encounters and relaxation.


Our pick:

Our summer is their green season when prices are lower than during high season (November to March). In contrast to what people think, it doesn't rain all the time or even every day! The rain showers are brief and refreshing and the natural environment is at its very best.


Tanzania & Zanzibar


The ideal destination for your first safari experience as a family. Featuring wide, open spaces and wild animals, high-quality organisation and carefully selected accommodation, we have all the ingredients for a thrilling trip! And let's not forget that you will round off your trip on the beaches of the Zanzibar Archipelago.


Our pick:

Immerse yourself in Maasai country. Away from the beaten tourist track, you will be welcomed by a family from a Maasai village. Young and old alike will be sure to enjoy the chance to share and exchange!




Summer is the best season to visit this extraordinary archipelago with its 17,000 islands, each more different than the last. Whether you are with young or older children, the paddy fields, temples, festivals and multitude of activities make Bali an unmissable destination.


Our pick:

Indonesia is overflowing with magnificent hotels, but staying in a villa for a few days when you are travelling with your clan is a better choice. In Bali, this means you can explore the island and sleep in a beautiful, and very comfortable, Balinese house.


Western Canada


A road trip imbued with a spirit of adventure awaits in the spectacular countryside of Western Canada. A short flight in a seaplane will get you to those far-flung regions. Many highlights await as you come into contact with the spectacular natural world: a tête à tête with grizzly bears in the Great Bear Rainforest, watching killer whales, whales and sea lions in the waters of Vancouver Island and so much more.


Our pick:

Visit Calgary in July where the cowboys of the world meet for the rodeo, Country and Western dancing and chariot racing.




Visiting Colombia with your children guarantees you wonderful encounters with the Colombian people. Their welcome is warm and the country is awash with natural beauty, a multitude of activities and a rich colonial past. The country's security and high-quality infrastructure make it the destination of choice for this summer.


Our pick:

Rent a house in the charming village of Barichara. In a building with colonial architecture, you will enjoy a pool and staff to pamper you before you set off to enjoy one of the many activities available in the region (paragliding, hiking, horse riding, zip lines, rafting and many more).



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