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Follow us and we will take you on a journey to a whole new planet.

A planet that will pique your curiosity, delight your eyes, stimulate your taste buds and pave the way to a world tailored to you. A hand-customised world in 3D: another Dimension, full of things to Discover and always Different. And it's just for you. You are free to travel wherever you wish over the five continents, with complete creative freedom in your own hands.


So how do you get going? It's easy! All you need to do is share your travel dreams with us and we will do the rest.


We will be on hand to help, advise and assist you 24 hours a day while we are preparing your trip, throughout your travels and on your return.


We are dedicated to keeping each of the projects we undertake completely confidential. Because every trip is exclusively made to measure, we won't send any information to any third parties or through our communication tools.

set out in 5 steps

This key stage enables us to understand you and offer a customised trip of the highest quality that is the perfect fit for your passions, aspirations and requirements.

We will come to you at the place, date and time that suits you best. This meeting can also take place over the telephone or as a video conference, whatever you prefer.


the meeting

Meet the charly's team
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Partner / Travel Designer



Partner / Travel Designer



Partner / Travel Designer



Partner / Travel Designer