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Partner / Travel Designer

the adventurer

It just took one trip for him to catch the travel bug: a trek in the Himalayas. This climbing, skiing and mountain biking fanatic, who started to daydream when he was small reading the tales of hippies discovering the roads of India, has since developed a real passion for these expeditions. On foot, by boat or otherwise, he loves them all. His thing is to travel, meet, share and discover even more open spaces. And if his travels include a touch of charm or even luxury into the bargain, he is the happiest of men.

Passionate about architecture, Jean-Christophe doesn't turn his nose up at more urban environments, appreciating historical, out-of-the-ordinary and more modern buildings. Having spent 20 years on the road, his thirst for exploring remains unquenched. 

his finest moments

His secret desire

To rid himself of all time constraints and go away for a long period of time.

Father to four children, he dreams of immersing them in a new place for several months, just for the pleasure of experiencing it fully and making it their own.

Argentina, Chile, India, the Himalayas, Alaska or the west coast of the United States could all clinch the deal. Why not organise four or five stopovers in these destinations lasting three months apiece? His aim is the take time to be with his family, his greatest luxury!

his favourites
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April 6, 2020

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