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On a quest for travel and adventure




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We are Charly 


Originally, we were three Charly's Angels, three globetrotting women, three experienced professionals in the world of tailor-made holidays. Today, we are a team of travel experts who are accomplices and complement one another, with an innovative perspective on exploring the world. 

But most of all,
Charly is you

A curious and passionate traveller...

You, for whom the world is the stuff of dreams, you, whose head is teeming with dreams of new horizons. It is our mission to set you on your way to faraway lands, countries whose name alone is enough to take you on a journey.

What is our objective?


To offer hand-tailored trips unique to you, whether you are an adventurer, a hedonist, a sports lover, a history or culture buff or everything at once, and whether you want to travel alone or with your clan.

We will place our experience and expertise at your service, along with the golden discoveries and exclusive finds we have unearthed during our travels across the globe.

And our goal?

To give you the keys to a unique and precious world that perfectly satisfies your yearnings.

So follow us and we will take you on a journey to a whole new planet. A planet that will pique your curiosity, delight your eyes, stimulate your taste buds and pave the way to a universe tailored to you.