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Partner / Travel Designer

travelling with elegance

A chic businesswoman, Héloïse has cultivated a precise taste for refinement and leaves nothing to chance. An organised person, she loves to know where she is going in both her work and her travels. She is happy when she can find a beautiful place to rest her head at the other end of the world in advance. This could be a bed and breakfast on the Marquesas Islands, a super cosy catamaran sailing around the British Virgin Islands or a design room in the heart of Stockholm. What makes her happiest is knowing for certain that a charming cocoon awaits so she can recharge her batteries and ensure she can make the very most of her getaway. However, she also has a talent for leaving room for the unexpected, as Héloïse is a secret hedonist with a curious spirit, a food lover who never misses a great eating spot or a chance to enjoy a good meal with the people she meets on her travels.

her finest moments

Her secret desire

To travel with her children over and again. To pass on to them a taste for new horizons and make them true globetrotters so that one day it is they who suggest visiting Tanzania to help harvest coffee beans, London to hunt for Easter eggs or the Andes to hurtle down the ski slopes!

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