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Looking for Charly

Accomplices who complement one another, we have a fresh perspective on the world of travel. A perspective nourished by years of experience that have forged our characters and formed strong convictions. Independent, on the ball and well connected, we are proud to design exclusive holidays. We are always available and are indefatigable researchers. 

We work from our base camp in Monaco, but also from the four corners of the world, places from where we draw our inspiration and where we are always setting down our luggage. 


So follow us and we will take you on a journey to a whole new planet.

Let’s get acquainted

Simonetta Bertoni

Partner / Travel Designer

Héloïse Garino

Partner / Travel Designer

Fanny Jehan

Partner / Travel Designer

Jean-Christophe Guérin

Partner / Travel Designer

Danielle Stewardson

Travel Designer

Gaëlle Bellec

Private Travel Consultant


Partner / Travel Designer