The Charly team is happy to propose a corner of the French Hexagon
where nature and man live in harmony.

Lived and relived, this region is adored by many travelers, its villages are dreamlike and its bell towers have featured as backdrops to many a film.

Here the Medit...



Are you drawn to the original, wild and expansive natural world found in the last African Gardens of Eden? Do you dream of touching the very tip of the continent, getting to the bottom of the myst...


The new American dream

I am an archipelago with a mythical name, located in the tropics.

My volcanic landscape is unique.

My culture is a melting pot of Maori, Pacific, Asian and North American heritages.

I am the only American state that is an island.

My islands are far, f...


One legendary train may hide another that is less well known but just as mythical.

Wonder, elation, nostalgia... Train journeys have never ceased to awaken a longing for adventure and childhood dreams. And that fascination is increased tenfold by these trains with legen...


When your journey opens you up to the world

Our very own Jean-Christophe and his clan are having an incredible experience around the world.They have now been away for six months, and have shared with us a few pictures from their travels around Asia.

"Our new port of call...


We take a look at the dreams that could be yours.

According to Freud, our dreams reveal who we are. They reflect our fears, desires, perversions and what is unique about us. At Looking For Charly, we need to understand your dreams, as they will make up the very essence...

What am I? 

My first is overflowing with ancient forts

My second has perfumes of incense

My third possesses a fabulous desert of dunes

My fourth welcomed Sinbad the Sailor and the Queen of Sheba

My whole is a Gulf State. Perhaps the most beautiful and the most authentic...



Travelling shapes your youth, and fashions a certain spirituality!  

In particular when Israel is your destination. This blessed land is a destination your traveller’s spirit will remember. Here you will come face to face with history and culture. Whatever your religion...


We bring you some tips from Jean-Christophe who is currently travelling the world with his family

“It has been 20 years since I first visited Nepal and my passion for this tiny country has never waned.

Although most of the highest peaks in the world can be found there, i...


Charly’s team: their travel wish list

One of the dangers of working at Looking for Charly is that every day you are constantly exposed to dangerous levels of wanderlust. It’s not easy to remain at your desk when you have to contend with images of tropical lagoons, myste...

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