The perfect spot to welcome the soft breeze of an Indian summer

The Algarve reveals another, rather different, face with a soft yet bright colour palette.

Far from the seaside towns and the mass-market tourist resorts beats the heart of an Algarve that is generous and a...


By Héloïse

Armenia? It’s not a place that immediately springs to mind. But this little country in the Caucuses at the gates of Central Asia has some beautiful surprises waiting for those who dare to explore its lands. Héloïse, our epicurean, curious travel designer, too...



A glamorous alternative to camping in the great outdoors, you can now glamp in luxury in the heart of Ladakh. Savour the experience of the nomadic lifestyle of the trans-Himalayan explorers of yesteryear in great comfort wi...


Immersion, hygge and stylish places to eat and stay

Copenhagen deserves its place among the most avant-garde Smart Cities on the planet. With respect for the environment hard-wired into its DNA, a passion for design, sustainable architecture and the hygge lifestyle, the...


The great esCAPE 

With Table Mountain as a backdrop, beautiful beaches and a relaxed cosmopolitan atmosphere, it isn’t surprising that everyone wants to head for Cape Town.

It’s a city overflowing with imagination, and without a doubt one of the most creative places to...


One legendary train may hide another that is less well known but just as mythical.

Wonder, elation, nostalgia... Train journeys have never ceased to awaken a longing for adventure and childhood dreams. And that fascination is increased tenfold by these trains with legen...


When your journey opens you up to the world

Our very own Jean-Christophe and his clan are having an incredible experience around the world.They have now been away for six months, and have shared with us a few pictures from their travels around Asia.

"Our new port of call...


"An incredible encounter in Medellin’s “Comuna 13” with an artist and rapper who is a kind of street educator"

Georges and Béatrice sent us an update from Colombia. We just had to share their words with you and their photos in particular - they speak for themselves!



We take a look at the dreams that could be yours.

According to Freud, our dreams reveal who we are. They reflect our fears, desires, perversions and what is unique about us. At Looking For Charly, we need to understand your dreams, as they will make up the very essence...


Travelling shapes your youth, and fashions a certain spirituality!  

In particular when Israel is your destination. This blessed land is a destination your traveller’s spirit will remember. Here you will come face to face with history and culture. Whatever your religion...

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