A glamorous alternative to camping in the great outdoors, you can now glamp in luxury in the heart of Ladakh. Savour the experience of the nomadic lifestyle of the trans-Himalayan explorers of yesteryear in great comfort wi...


Leave the grey skies behind

You could turn to light therapy lamps to beat the autumn and winter blues, or you could travel instead! Discover our six prescriptions to help you tackle the cold with a smile

The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are falling and the...


One legendary train may hide another that is less well known but just as mythical.

Wonder, elation, nostalgia... Train journeys have never ceased to awaken a longing for adventure and childhood dreams. And that fascination is increased tenfold by these trains with legen...


When your journey opens you up to the world

Our very own Jean-Christophe and his clan are having an incredible experience around the world.They have now been away for six months, and have shared with us a few pictures from their travels around Asia.

"Our new port of call...


We take a look at the dreams that could be yours.

According to Freud, our dreams reveal who we are. They reflect our fears, desires, perversions and what is unique about us. At Looking For Charly, we need to understand your dreams, as they will make up the very essence...


We bring you some tips from Jean-Christophe who is currently travelling the world with his family

“It has been 20 years since I first visited Nepal and my passion for this tiny country has never waned.

Although most of the highest peaks in the world can be found there, i...


Two weeks down... and Jean-Christophe tells us about the start of their adventures!

Who hasn’t heard of Kashmir and its world-famous cloth? It is a mythical region for travellers to explore. With a rich thousand-year history, it is also a natural link between Central As...


Jean-Christophe & Family, the latest information!

That’s it, the clan has jetted off.

A few days before their departure, Jean-Christophe shared his last recommendations on the hot topic of vaccines and visas with us.

They are something you need to think about well befor...


Everyone has their own dreams, depending on how busy they are, their budget, what they are passionate about and what motivates them.

For some people, a World Tour means exploring five continents and taking your time. Alone, with your family or as a couple. For others wi...


Jean-Christophe & Family, go for the "love vs duty" destination options! (D-50)

11 months of adventure or 330 days of travelling. It seems like an eternity. If you travel regularly, annually planning your trips and what you will do while you are away over a short given...

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